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ColdForm Oil-Only Heavyweight Pads   1CFWPL  ColdForm Oil-Only Heavyweight Pads
Oil-Only Laminated Sorbent Pad is constructed by bonding heavy layers of polypropylene spun bond to a high-loft core. The core is a combination of synthetic and natural fine fibers—won’t fall out even if the outer layer is torn. New ESP SpillLock™ technology offers drip proof clean up of messy spills. Approximately 35% more absorbent than laminated meltblown sorbents. Package of 100 absorbs up to 22 gal.  16"W x 18"L.
OILUP Sorbent Boom    SPC 810   OILUP SORBENT Oil-Only Sorbent Booms
Oil-Only Sorbent Booms are nonlinting and nondeteriorating. Float indefinitely before and after saturation with oil. Will not absorb water. Up to 71-gal. absorption capacity. 10'L x 8"-dia., Pkg. of 4.