Haze Meters

Beer clarity is a parameter that is continually controlled in the brewery.  In order to assure a consistent product quality, the brewmaster needs more than visual inspection.  We offer the following product that measures beer clarity. 


Haze Meter for Beer Quality Analysis (ASBC standard)   HI 847492

Haze Meter for Beer Quality Anaylsis

The HI 847492 is specially designed according to the ASBC (American Society of Brewing Chemist) standard for haze in beer measurements.

HI 847492-01 (115V) and HI 847492-02 (230V) are supplied with HI 98501-1 Checktemp thermometer, Checktemp instruction manual, (6) sample cuvets and caps, (4) calibration cuvets, (4) 25mL glass vials with caps, tissue for wiping the cuvets, (4) 1.5V AA batteries, power adapter, instrument quality certificate, rigid carrying case, and instruction manual.



HI 93703-58       Silicone oil (15 mL)

HI 847491-11     Calibration cuvet kit (HI 847491)

HI 847492-11     Calibration cuvet kit (HI 847492)

HI 847493-11     Calibration cuvet kit (HI 847491)

HI 731331          Glass cuvets (4 pcs)

HI 731335N        Caps for cuvets (4 pcs)

HI 93703-50       Cuvets cleaning solution (230 mL)

HI 731318          Cloth for wiping cuvets (4 pcs)

HI 740220          25 mL glass vial with cap (2 pcs)

HI 740232          Filter paper, type 1 (100 pcs)

HI 740233          Filter paper, type 2 (100 pcs)

HI 740234          Tungsten replacement lamp

HI 92000            Windows compatible software

HI 920011          RS232 connection cable

HI 920005          5 tag holders with tags

HI 740027P        1.5V AA battery (10 pcs)

HI 710005          Voltage adapter, 115V to 12 VDC (US)

HI 710006          Voltage adapter, 230V to 12 VDC (EU)