The O.C. White Company, a manufacturer of magnifiers, microscopes, task lighting, etc., has an unsurpassed reputation for exceptional product quality and customer satisfaction.  We are featuring the Vision Lite 2000 magnifying lamp and the TKSS-40 Super Scope.

The Vision-Lite with glare-free lighting and 2X magnification is a state-of-the-art lamp which comes with a 10 year mechanical warranty.

All Super Scopes feature up to an 80X magnification and standard video output.  Simply connect to any computer or TV equipped with video inputs.


Vision Lite 2000 Magnifying Lamp  Vision Lite 2000 Magnifying Lamp

Light is dimmable from 100% down to 25% and is distributed evenly over the viewing surface without flickering or glare.

Large rectangular lens (7.5 in. x 6.2 in) gives expanded viewing area.  Lenses are guaranteed not to deteriorate with age.

Exclusive slide switch allows the user to change illumination intensity quickly and easily.

Vision Lite 2000 comes with a 10 year mechanical warranty.

Lamp is ESD safe.


Super Scope  TKSS-40 Super Scope

The new Super Scope by O.C. White gives you the ability to inspect, assemble, repair and do many daily activities without the strains and pains of daily use of microscopes.

The Super Scope features an exclusive zoom view of 4-40x.

Unit comes with a large high resolution 14" professional grade screen.

It has an adjustable working distance of 6"-18".

The Super Scope comes with an ESD safe cabinet.

Optional high magnification 2x lens is available.