Insect Repellent

We carry a broad line of outdoor protection products -  insect repellent such as 100% DEET spray (applied directly to skin or clothing) and control-released lotion.  These repellents are designed to protect you from insect bites all day.

Insect repellents that are applied directly to fabrics such as clothing, tents, and sleeping bags are also available.  Permethrin is the active ingredient in these repellents which chemically bond to fabric fibers as it dries.  One application can last 2 weeks and through several washings.


Sawyer Controlled Release Premium Insect Repellent Lasts Up To 12 Hours, 20% DEET Lotion, Oderless, Non-Greasy, Low DEET Absorption Formula

 100% Deet Insect Repellent100% DEET Insect Repellent
2 oz. Atomizer Spray Typically Lasts As Long As 3 Aerosol Cans. 
No Scent Added
Formulated Not To Sweat Off 

Tec Labs 10 Hour Insect Repellent
2 oz. Spray


Sawyer Insect repellant 2 oz. lotion  

Sawyer Premium Controlled Release Insect Repellent 2 oz.  Lotion SP522
Case of 6


Sawyer Insect Repellant 4 oz. lotion

Sawyer Premium Controlled Release Insect Repellent 4 oz. Lotion SP524N

Case of  12


Sawyer Insect Repellant 6 oz. lotion

Sawyer Premium Controlled Release Insect Repellent 6 oz. Lotion SP526

Case of 6


Sawyer Clothing Permethrin Premium Insect Repellent Effective Through 6 Washings

Sawyer Clothing Insect Repellant 6 oz. pump spray  Sawyer Premium Clothing
Insect Repellent 6 oz.
Pump Spray
SP647N  Case of 12


Sawyer Military Style Clothing Insect Repellant 6 oz. Sawyer Premium Military Style Clothing Treatment Insect Repellent 6 fl. oz.  SP652  Case of 8


Sawyer Clothing Insect Repellant 24 oz. trigger spray Sawyer Premium Clothing
Insect Repellent 24 oz.
Trigger Spray
SP657  Case of 4