In-line and Portable Instruments


DO Sensor                      In-line Dissolved Oxygen Sensor


DO Analyzer   Portable Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer


The most meaningful measurement is one which is taken in real-time.  Measurement is taken, interpreted and the result given within seconds.  Also, trends are displayed on a transmitter screen.  For example, are oxygen levels increasing, decreasing or stable?  Trends tell you if your process is operating correctly or if adjustments are necessary BEFORE it goes out-of-spec.  Mettler Toledo sensors measure key parameters in the beer-making process including water and wastewater treatment.   A portable analyzer may be used to supplement sensor operation.


Parameters measured include:

Dissolved oxygen

Oxygen in gases

Dissolved CO2





All sensors have built-in temperature measurements.


Where to install which parameter sensor?  Consider the following:

Water Treatment:     pH, Turbidity, Conductivity

Mash Tun:               pH

Lauter Tun:              Turbidity

Wort:                      pH

Whirlpool:               Turbidity

Yeast Propagation:  Dissolved Oxygen, pH, Turbidity

Wort Aeration:         Dissolved Oxygen, pH

Fermenter:              Oxygen in Gas

Storage Tanks:        Dissolved Oxygen

Centrifuge:              Color, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity

Filtering:                 Color, CO2, Dissolved Oxygen, Turbidity

Water Degassing:    CO2, Dissolved Oxygen

Bright Beer Tank:     CO2, Dissolved Oxygen

Filling Line:              CO2, Dissolved Oxygen, pH

CIP plant:                pH, Turbidity, Conductivity

Wastewater Treatment:  Dissolved Oxygen, pH, Turbidity, Conductivity


For breweries that wish to measure dissolved oxygen in sample bottles and cans, we carry the Oxysense Optical Oxygen analyzers which takes non-invasive and invasive measurements in beer.  Analysis is done in both the liquid and headspace with the analyzers listed below.  The Oxysense 5250i is a stand-alone instrument while the Oxysense 325i works with a PC.  Either instrument can be operated to take invasive measurement with the use of the Sidewinder Needle shown below.  Dissolved oxygen measurements  are made down to 15 ppb.

Oxysense analyzers may also take oxygen measurements in your tank.  Please contact us to discuss possible setups.


Optical Oxygen Analyzer - OxySense 5250i   Optical Oxygen Analyzer - OxySense 5250i



Optical Oxygen Analyzer - OxySense 325i   Optical Oxygen Analyzer - OxySense 325i



Sidewinder Invasive Measurement Needle   Sidewinder Invasive Measurement Needle


Please contact us if you wish to discuss a possible application in your brewery.