Spirit Filled Glass Thermometers   Spirit-Filled Glass Thermometers

Part Number          Range                   Subdivision          Length          Immersion          Backing

     80501           -20 to 110oC                  1oC                  12 in              Total                 White

     80502           -20 to 150oC                  1oC                  12 in              Total                 White

     80503             0 to 230oF                   2oF                  12 in              Total                 White

     80504             0 to 300oF                   2oF                  12 in              Total                 White

     80521           -20 to 110oC                  1oC                  12 in             76 mm               White

                          0 to 230oF                    2oF

     80601           -20 to 110oC                  1oC                  12 in             76 mm               White

     80602           -20 to 150oC                  1oC                  12 in             76 mm               White

     80603             0 to 230oF                   2oF                  12 in             76 mm               White

     80604             0 to 300oF                   2oF                  12 in             76 mm               White

     80621           -20 to 110oC                  1oC                  12 in              Total                 White

                          0 to 230oF                    2oF

     80802           -20 to 110oC            No Markings            12 in              Total                White


81125  Dial Thermometer    Dial Thermometers

Part Number        Range                Subdivision       Face Diameter        Stem Length

81125                 25 to 125oF          1oF                 1 in                        5 in

82125                 25 to 125oF          1oF                 1.75 in                    8 in

82550DG            50 to 550oF          5oF                 2 in                        8 in

                         10 to 290oC          5oC

Other dial thermometer models with different temperature ranges are available.  Contact us if you do not see the one you are looking for.


82999   Thermometer Clip   82999   Thermometer Clip

The thermometer clip fits all listed dial thermometers.


83210  Digital Thermometer   83210  Digital Thermometer

  • Dual scale: -50oC to 150oC/-58oF to 302oF
  • Swiveling head that can be moved 180o for easy reading in any position
  • Stainless steel stem: length -- 127 mm (5 in), diameter -- 3.5 mm (0.138 in)
  • Automatic power-off after 10 minutes of idle use
  • Comes with a protective case and a 1.5 V alkaline coin cell battery 



HI 935005N K-Type Waterproof Thermometer   HI 935005N K-Type Thermocouple Thermometer

Waterproof, Heavy-Duty with one-piece molded housing.

HI 935005N is supplied with batteries and protective case.  It includes user calibration capability and a backlight.

***choose a probe from below to fit your measuring needs


                                    oC                                             oF

Range             -50.0 to 199.9o C and                   -58.0 to 399.9oF and

                            200 to 1350oC                            400 to 2462oF

Resolution      0.1oC (-50.0 to 199.9oC)               0.1oF (-58.0 to 399.9oF)

                          and 1oC (outside)                         and 1oF (outside)

Accuracy                        +/-0.2% F.S. (excluding probe error)

Environment                -10 to 50oC (14 to 122oF); RH max 100%


HI 766 K-Type Thermocouple Probes   HI 766 K-Type TR Series Penetration Probes

Ideal for taking temperature readings of the mash.


HI 766TR1, Penetration Probe

Application: semi solids, liquids

Max Temperature: 250oC (482oF)

Response Time: 10 seconds

Probe length: 19.7" (500 mm)

Probe with handle length: 29.5" (750 mm)

Probe: stainless steel


HI 766TR2, HI 766TR3, HI 766TR4, Penetration Probes

Application: semi solids, liquids

Max Temperature: 250oC (482oF)

Response Time: 10 seconds

Probe: stainless steel

HI 766TR2      Probe length: 39.3" (1 m)

                     Probe with handle length: 49.2" (1.25 m)

HI 766TR3      Probe length: 59.0" (1.5 m)

                     Probe with handle length: 68.9" (1.75 m)

HI 766TR4      Probe length: 78.4" (2 m)

                     Probe with handle length: 88.5" (2.25 m)


HI 766 Series General Purpose Probe  HI 766 K-Type E Series General Purpose Probe

HI 766E1 General Purpose, Penetration Probe

Application:  Liquids, air, gases

Max. Temperature:  900oC (1650oF)

Response Time:  6 seconds

Probe length: 4.7" (120 mm)

Probe with handle length: 8.9" (225 mm)

Probe: stainless steel


HI 766E2 General Purpose, Penetration Probe

Application:  Liquids, air, gases

Max. Temperature:  900oC (1650oF)

Response Time:  6 seconds

Probe length: 8.6" (220 mm)

Probe with handle length: 12.8" (325 mm)

Probe: stainless steel



 HI 93510N Thermistor Thermometer  HI 93510N Thermistor Thermometer

The HI 93510N is a rugged and waterproof thermistor thermometer which is ideal for use in wet and humid environments.  The instrument comes with a CAL button to allow the operator to calibrate the meter.  The thermometer also has a user-activated backlit display. 

Temperature Range:  -50.0 to 150.0o C; -58 to 302.0o F

Environment:   -10 to 50oC (14 to 122oF); RH max 100%

HI 93510N is supplied with the HI 762BL temperature probe, batteries, and instructions. 


HI 762BL Thermistor Probe  HI 762BL Thermistor Probe

 Application:  Liquids, air

Temperature Range:  -50.0 to 150.0o C; -58 to 302.0o F

Response Time:  6 seconds

Cable length: 3.3' (1 m)

Probe: stainless steel



 Checktemp 1 Pocket Thermometer    HI 98509  Checktemp 1 Pocket Thermometer

The sharp-tip probe easily penetrates semisolid products such as mash.

Switchable oC / oF setting

HI 98509  (Checktemp 1) is supplied with stainless steel penetration probe, 3.3' silicone cable, batteries, and instructions.

                                         oC                                                      oF

Range                       -50.0 to 150.0oC                                 -58.0 to 302.0oF

Resolution                         0.1oC                                                0.1oF

Accuracy            +/-0.2oC (-30.0 to 120.0oC)                  +/-0.5oF (-22.0 to 199.0oF)

                       +/-0.3oC (outside: -50.0 to -30.0oC        +/-1oF (outside: -58.0 to -22.0oF

                                and 120.0 to 150.0oC)                          and 200 to 302oF)