HI 84429 Titratable Acids Mini Titrator and pH Meter   HI 84429 Titratable Acids Mini Titrator and pH Meter

Low cost, easy to use meter that provides professional results quickly and accurately

Perform a complete analysis with one compact meter.  By pressing the START key, the instrument automatically conducts an endpoint titration the and result is immediately displayed. The HI 84429 has a simple and reliable peristaltic pump to ensure accuracy in dosing and repeatability in measurement.

Comes with a pre-programmed analysis method.

HI 84429-01 (115V) and HI 84429-02 (230V) are supplied with FC 260B pH electrode, HI 5315 Reference electrode, HI 7072 Filling solution (30 mL), HI 7662-M temperature probe, HI 84429-50 titrant (100 mL), HI 84429-55 Standard (500 mL), HI 700640 cleaning solution for milk deposits (20 mL, 2), pH 4.01 buffer solution (230 mL), pH 6.00 buffer solution (230 mL), pH 8.30 buffer solution (230 mL, 50 mL beakers (2), 20 mL beakers (2), tube set with cap, stir bars (2 small, 2 large), power cord, 1 mL syringe, capillary dropper pipette and Instruction manual. 


HI 84429-20      Reagent Set Starter Kit, reagents for 20 tests

HI 84429-50      Titrant Solution, 100 mL bottle

HI 84429-55      Pump Calibration Standard, 500 mL bottle


HI 901 and HI 902 Automatic Titration Systems HI 901 Multiparameter Food & Dairy Titration System 

  • measures critical parameters: pH, Titratable Acidity, NaCl, Calcium, SO2, Vitamin C and more
  • supports up to 10,000 titration methods (standard and user defined)
  • comes with Clip-Lock--change burettes quickly with automatic burette recognition
  • Dynamic/Linear dosing feature
  • Fixed end point potential or pH
  • Equivalence point detection (first derivative and second derivative)
  • The results are displayed directly in the selected units
  • Titration graph can be displayed on-screen and saved
  • User customized reports can be printed, saved on floppy disk or transferred to PC via RS232 interface
  • Reminders for titrant age and standardization expiration
  • Self diagnostic features for peripheral devices including pump, valve, burette and stirrer

HI 901-01 (115V) and HI 901-02 (230V) is supplied with (1) 25 mL glass burette, (1) burette driver assembly, power adapter, and instructions.


HI 902C Multiparameter Titration System with Color LCD HI 902C Multiparameter Titration System with Color LCD

The HI 902C is a automatic titrator that also features back-titration capabilities and multiple equivalence points. The  titrator can perform acid/base, potentiometric, ORP, complexometric or precipitation titrations.

HI 902C back titration and multiple end-point titrator is supplied with (1) 25 mL glass burette, (1) burette driver assembly, (1) temperature sensor, power cable and instructions.


HI 903  Karl Fischer Volumetric Titrator For Moisture Determination   HI 903  Karl Fischer Volumetric Titrator For Moisture Determination

The HI 903 combines an ultra-high precision titrant delivery system with optically regulated magnetic stirring and sophisticated endpoint determination, dynamic dosing and background drift correction algorithms.

The HI 903 comes equipped with a solvent handling system to reduce cell conditioning time and can be connected directly to your laboratory balance via serial interface.

The HI 903 dispenses the titrant, detects the endpoint and performs all necessary calculations automatically.

HI 903 is supplied with dual platinum pin electrode, dosing pump, 5 mL burette assembly with tubing, air pump assembly with tubing,beaker and bottle top assemblies and all fittings, 4 desiccant cartridges with indicating desiccant, stir bar, waste bottle, calibration key,USB cable, power cable, HI 900 PC application CD, quality certificate, ISO 8655 burette compliance report and instruction manual binder.