Water Treatment

Kaselco Raw-Treated Water 


Electrocoagulation (EC) is an electro-chemical process which uses a direct electrical current passing between metal plates to separate contaminants from the water stream and are combined into a solid mass or sludge for removal.   Since the sludge is stable, it may be easily disposed of or recycled. 

Electrocoagulation provides immediate treatment of mixed wastes without the need to add chemicals in most cases.  Since treatment is immediate, fewer tanks and less area are required than other processes.   Also, retention tanks are not necessary.  Many contaminants may be combined for treatment thereby saving cost, time and space.


Contaminants which are suitable for the EC System include:

Heavy metals

Suspended solids

Emulsified organics







We can get started with answers to the following questions:

Which contaminents do you need to process?

What are the volume and contaminent levels of your waste stream?

What are the treatment standards you need to achieve?


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